Elegance In Interior Design.

Donna Watson- Rossmoore is principal of DWR Designs. The award winning design firm incorporates a process that represents a knowledge of the design process, technical production, bidding process, construction administration and contract documentation including: space planning, floor and electrical plans, built-in and interior elevations, specifications of furnishings, fixtures, finishes and equipment. This process requires dedication and progressive thinking that results in a signature look for travelers.


Traditional styles are the familiarity of silhouette and the use of architectural details that include everything from opulent and ornate to spare and simple. The abundance of architectural details such as oversized molding, arches, columns, intricate tile and wood floor patterns, beams and built in cabinetry all have historical influence.

Traditional style is welcoming and more casual, layered with texture and pattern and can be mixed with different eras as long as the selections of one element such as a wood tone or amount of embellishments to unify are evident. The color palettes have been known to be both luxurious and minimalistic while remaining iconic and recognizable to most people and leave a feeling of relaxed elegance.


The contemporary style seems to be an ever changing design style, perhaps because it refers to what is current and happening now.  Contemporary design requires clean and simple spaces with framework of pops of color, textiles and accents for a translation of color.

The texture and patterns of geometric and bold colors are a perfect accent and create a warm, sleek and fresh look. This contemporary approach focuses first and foremost on function and avoids the excessive ornamentation evident in many other styles. Texture is a very important element in contemporary interior design style.


Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective in tasteful richness of design and ornamentation. Elegance is also associated with simplicity and consistency and focusing on the main or basic features of an object and its restrained beauty and style.

Infusing your interior with a hint of shimmer is considered non obvious and a method to produce a solution which is instinctively perceived as stylish with a suggestion of finesse. Examples include iridescent, glass mosaic tiles features along with soft curvilinear lines with an indication of elegant carvings on the architectural details.